Friday, August 14, 2009

Credit Card Redeeming Points and a Bike Trailer!

So we are eligable to redeem our credit card points and I have a few things in mind that are options. I need your help to decide what to get!

1-Handheld Dyson Vacuum
2-Cobra Handheld Camera/Camcorder
3-BMX bike (i already have a bike)
4-New cooking pots and pans

So that are the things that stick out to me as appealing. What do you all think?

Another awesome thing is that I finally bought a bike trailer/jogging stroller. I had bought a jogging stroller on craigslist a while back, but it was really old and the shade never covered the boys. I was actually able to sell it right again at the same price I bought it...thank God! I have been really wanting a bike trailer to go on the boardwalk with and then i found out you could have 2 in 1! Unfortunately those are VERY expensive. So after some saving and actually finding a cheaper but still comparable one I bought the Croozer 535! I am so pumped! It will be a bike trailer, jogging stroller and regular stroller. All the pieces I need come with it so i didn't have to buy anything extra. It is a very bright green color you won't be able to miss me! HA! Now I will not have an excuse of getting out and getting exercise!


The Kincaid Family said...

Love it :)! CONGRATS Momma! And.... I vote for either new pots and pans or the handheld camcorder :) But whatever you decide I know you will enjoy, YAY!

Molly said...

That contraption looks amazing. It looks huge though, would I be able to see over the top of it? ha ha. Do you have a camcorder already? If not - you should get one! I would love to have a handheld vacuum. But nice pots and pans are sweet too. Man, you've got some tough decisions!!! Let me know what you decide on. Don't get a new bike.

Joey&Casey said...

yeah for the bike trailer and having a fun way to exercise with your kiddos! That is a nice new toy:). I would get the camcorder personally. Those are always nice to have even if you have one already..or shoot, you could easily sell it online and make money off of it!

Lindsey said...

Awesome about the bike trailer. I have one and we love it! It definitely is a great workout. I'm sure the boys will love it too.

Ben and Melissa said...

What fun you will have with that bike trailer/jogger! Maddie loves going in ours. We haven't put Hudson in with her yet for fear of Maddie "loving" him too much and hurting him in someway.

ElissaM said...

so i am leaning more towards the camera/camcorder. Yeah we do have a video camera...but these days it is considered large when it really isn't. Plus it would be nice to have 2 in one. I am so pumped for that trailer to get here! We will see how logan and Austin do together in the trailer, one reason why i picked this one is because the seats are seperated and they won't lean in on eachother. I just need to make sure my bike works!!! HA!