Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Blog!

Well, as you know I am joining the blogging community. Yes, I caved...well, actually I have blogged before, but ANYWAYS. I figured this way it is free...and we can share stories about other things than our beautiful children. I felt that the baby website was just for the babes...and well, Mike and I have some fun things to share too! So I hope you enjoy as you can see further into our lives and I pray that we are able to bless others through our trials, joys, and sharing of how the Lord is working in our lives! Again, family and friends that live far away...well, pretty much everyone lives over a hundred miles from us, this can be a way to keep up with us and see what floats our boats! Please feel free to leave comments and create discussions...asks questions and i will be able to answer! Thank you all for taking interest in our simple lives. I hope that we start to live an adventurous life in Christ so you can see His glory and read something exciting someday! Here goes the first blog:

August 13Th...nap time. I finally decided to start this and i am taking a very precious nap time to do it. I have just recently gotten several new books I want to read, but this is fun too. Life is pretty monotonous right now. Wake up and do stuff around the house, nap time which is clean up time, then the boys are up to make more messes and then bed time when i clean up again. It is all such a blessing though. I am enjoying the boys so much lately. Austin is just too cute and so much fun. He is sitting up now and wants to move so bad, but i don't think he will be crawling anytime soon. He smile lights up my day and that happens every few minutes i feel like! He loves to watch logan play still and tries to get all his toys. No teeth yet, but i will be able to start making hims some real food next week! Carrots here they come! I won't get in to the doctor for his 6 month check up until september, but i tried weighing him on the home scale and i got roughly 17 lbs! So that is great...and logan, I have been measuring his height on the door frame and he has grown almost 2 inches since mike left! I can't believe it! Logan has been coming into his own person lately as he has been very defient and ignoring me when i try and discipline or call him to me. I am working on a new disciplining method so please pray for me! I am also learning so much while doing that because i am trying to recite bible verses to him to help him learn to obey, so in turn I am memorizing verses! Isn't it great how the teachers end up learning a thing or two usually? well, i will try and get some pics up because i feel like it has been a while. I will update again later! (funny how this first post is about the kiddos huh?)

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