Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My boy...my sweet little boy. He was the third boy to steal my heart and continues to melt me from head to toe. He squeezes the hardest, and loves long. He is passionate about what he wants and is so willing to help others. Many times I have heard him trying to break up fights between others. He adores Logan and is such a silly boy with him. He loves his Momma and wants to be just like Daddy. This week he turned 3 years old. This will be a fun year of seeing his personality shoot out even more, growing taller, and becoming even more independent than he is. So blessed to have this little man in my life and as one of my sons.

We decided to have a Top Chef Birthday party
Played "Pin the wooden spoon on the Chef". Blind-folding a bunch of toddlers is hilarious!!

Plates all ready for the decorated cupcakes

Balloon city!!! 

Austin was in awe of the transformation of the house

Cupcakes ready to be played with and decorated by the mini-chefs

Chef-hat cupcakes for the adults...yum yum!!

The chef hats that were created....nice culinary academy huh?

Austin was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning with all the people and the cupcakes out in the open. At least Logan was smiling well!

Austin's masterpiece:-)

Gotta have some good grub for the adults!

Mini-wraps and fruit kabobs for the kiddos

"Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday dear Austin!!!"

What a fun day he had! After it was all done and everyone had gone home, I asked him what was his favorite  part of the party. He seriously looked at me with no hesitation and said "All my friends". Awwweee! What a sweet man...thanks so much for those who celebrated with us!!!



Casey Martinez said...

You did such a great job with the games, snacks and decor. It really is such a fun theme for a kid that loves his kitchen! Those chef hats are adorable by the way. Great job capturing his 3rd birthday friend!

The Andersons said...

you are such a wonderful mom and i see that more and more every day! i hope i will be 1/2 as good as you! i love you so much and so in awe of you! i love your boys and who they are and who they are becoming! great birthday party E!!