Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little Bits of Everett...

No I haven't forgotten about my other boys...but it is fun to record the differences in each at every age. Little Everett surely has a mind of his own...wants his own way and will scream to get it (which he doesn't most of the time). He is already learning to fend for himself. Here in this first video I was pushing him on the big-wheelie and he sure didn't like it when I stopped...oh boy!!

Like I have said, I LOVE that he is a dancing baby. I just figured that boy babies don't dance and I gave up hope. But this little dude loves it. He even got some pelvic thrust action in this video. To warn you...this was taken with my phone, and someone texted me while I was videoing it...that is why there are two farting noises.

Another dancing one. Yes it is the same song, but I try to give him the appropriate songs to rock out to.

Such a big boy at the grocery store! You can see his smile through his pacie

Ok...seriously Logan looks sooo old here! It is my baby with my baby!  And no, Everett is no where near walking right now. He has stood for 5 sec or more, but no steps.

Does any one notice his little tuft of hair on the back of his head? It is like his hair decided to grow from the crown of his head down...bad old mans hair cut...

That's it for my little 10.5month old stud:-)

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Casey Martinez said...

That first video cracked me up:)!!! Sorry I kept filming at the end. Whoops. Everett is really awesome in every way. He is so aware, so alert and so so so sweet with his kisses!! Oh my gosh the kisses he gives are priceless!! I loved seeing him at this age:).