Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What life is like...

...for THIS mother of three. I have so many thoughts and words to write, but my brain just doesn't work these days. Here is a snippet of my life:
I haven't cleaned the bathrooms in 2 weeks
I have pacifiers in the couch cushions
I will cry if I can't find the swaddling blankets
I get to watch the older boys "do-do-do-" on Everett (tickle him)
I live for that little smile
my husband and I know that our "time" is limited but very needed
I haven't crocheted a thing in almost 2 months and going through withdrawals
I have so many people I want to call- but the minute my phone goes up to my ear something falls and breaks
laundry is NEVER done (diapers in the wash as we speak)
and I am a HORRIBLE blog friend!
I have three of the most beautiful and sweet boys in the world, and a husband that I can't stop staring at while dreaming about our next vacation, and a house that is beautiful and keeps us warm, AND a garden/yard that is a gorgeous pass time (while I walk from the car to the house), and I pray I have my priorities right...

the progression of the cutest smile...i wasn't going to miss it this time!



Molly said...

oh my goodness! he's so cute! And now I see Austin in him. He's getting so big!!!!!!

Casey Martinez said...

oh my gosh he is sooooo cute. Seriously the cutest little guy ever!!! Love his sweet face and his amazing eyes!! I want to see him again!!! HE IS SMILING!! AHHHHHH they change in the blink of an eye don't they.

As for your list of what is undone. I think I have one child and yet have the same list of undone things...something is not right here...with me. No but, in all honesty, if it is any encouragement I am feeling a strong God hug that it is aok. As long as the family is a place of love and as much peace as possible the other stuff is just stuff and will ALWAYS be there piling up three seconds after cleaning or folding. You are amazing simply because you are!!

Kaylee said...

His smile is precious!

The Andersons said...

oh i can't wait to hold him!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the smile!! He is getting so big. Adorable!