Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pictures and more pictures

Here are a bunch of random pictures of what has been going on recently in my life:) There is so much that I want to post crafting ideas! OH how I want to paint or put fabric on a headboard, re-arrange my kitchen, paint a bathroom, etc. And my poor garden! I need to get out there and get those veggies going! AH! Anyways, I have been very blessed to visit with some good friends of ours twice this month! She took my camera a ton and captured so many photos of me and my boys. I am very picky however, because I am still not comfortable with the baby weight. I know I know, with time it will come off! Anyways, not a long wordy post, just some fun pictures! More to come later!

Here is my friend Casey and her little girl Daisy who is growing up sooo fast!

She is such a good momma and reminded me how important and fun it is to spend time with my youngin's. She spends lots of time with Daisy and you can tell because Daisy is in love with her momma!

All my men...I am sure I will have many more photos of all my, but this is the first of all of them!

Dad and Mom with their little baby!

Sweet man, so alseep

Close up (thank you Casey!) she took so many fun close up pictures of him. Here you can really see his birth mark under his nose.

What we do best:-)



Molly said...

I want to SEE MORE!!!!!! I miss you guys. And that close up of Everett, I totally see Logan's mouth! So cute E.

Kaylee said...

Precious. Loved these.

Casey Martinez said...

I love the pics you took of me and Daisy;0 I will have to steal them for sure!! I think I LOVE seeing your family pictures and even though you feel that baby weight...I don't see it and you LOOK GREAT!!! Just want to encourage you on that because you look UH MAZING and I'm amazed at how fast your body bounces back! KEep sharing family pics;0. THey make me happy!! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow! You look great. Adorable photos!