Monday, April 25, 2011

Fixing up our garden

It has been so fun this year to see the plants and flowers come back thicker and in full force in our garden. There were several plants that we had thought died only to be watching the planter and be surprised that we saw double the amount! We ran to the local nursery and had the boys pick out their own flower plants (annuals) so they could water and watch them grow. It was fun to plant them with them...perhaps this can be a new tradition?!?!

Getting Logan to touch the wet dirt can be trying, but he did it and did a good job!

Smile for mom!

Putting it in!

"Smile for mommy!" and this is what he did

Austin loves getting his hands dirty

Smile for mommy...again:-)

The garden! Hopefully we will have some veggies growing up in the back soon!

PS. We are heading out to CA soon! Blogging will be scarce (not like it already isn't though...sorry) I will be getting lots of photos and will be blogging those later. We are very excited to go even though we will be flying 7 hours with 3 kids (yikes!). I can't wait to smell that CA air again, and reminisce in the city that Mike and I started our lives together. Well, I better get packing!!


Casey Martinez said...

Luvin it!! So cute to see your boys playing in the garden too!! These are precious pictures Elissa;0. Only you need to turn that camera around on you playing in the dirt...well, gardening in the dirt, more too! ;0.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Cute photos.