Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Common Funk

What is it about this age, gender, and stage in life? It seems that I am not the only one who seems to get in a funk around this time of life. I have many close friends and acquaintances who are lacking joy in their lives. Not much gets them motivated or even happy some days. What is it about this season?

Is it the kids and the life that they can drain out of us while at the same time we are required to love and nourish them. Not only that, but we WANT to love and cherish them ALL the time, but because we are all sinners...either they choose to not do something they should (or do something they shouldn't) and/or we are frustrated, in a bad mood, or just ticked off easily...we don't love on them. We then often look longinly at our children (or our spouse) while they are sleeping and am enthralled by their wonderfulness and then regret the words said earlier, the lack of time spent with them, or something else done or not done.

We are also leaving our "young years"...many of us have had one or more kids and our bodies are just NOT EVER going to be the same. No matter if we get to that high school weight again...it is just different. And I am not talking about that extra pooch...but the wrinkles, lack of time to do hair, dry skin, leaking when coughing...and I may be talking about myself here...but lack of fashion!!!

Am I just rambling here? Am I alone in this?

Another huge factor that weighs on myself for the common funk that comes in and out of my life is not being close to the Lord like I USED to be. Now...I know that God has empathy and understanding towards moms of young kids, but honestly it sucks!!! I have these moments of just craving and desiring time with God, reading His Word, and worshiping him. But then I go to do it, AND don't even get me started on what distracts me. I feel like even if I make that time for God; (which I TRY!) that because this is a different season in life and I can't serve in the church like before, and marriage is strained, and friendships are strained...that my relationship with God just won't be the same. Ugghhh...I don't even know if I am getting across what I want to say!

What I do want to say, is that we need to stop comparing ourselves to others on FB, instagram, blogs, pinterest, etc...what happened to that good old neighbor relationships??? What it boils down to is seeing what others have and wanting that. Wanting that amazing relationship with your kids and having them obey you when in reality you don't live in their house and see what goes on! Plus we need to focus on the kids that God gave US! No one mom is right in her ways...we are all given different gifts and we can glean from each other but we have to stop comparing and coveting. Same goes for our bodies, our marriages, the way our house is decorated, what kind of clothes we have, etc. It is time to be grateful, to choose to be joyful and content. I needed this pep talk so you all are getting it too:-) Getting time in with God is THE most important thing and based on that, will the rest of life fall. When we trust in him, our lives will reflect the amazing and wonderful God that is truly in charge. From yesterdays Jesus Calling "Accept yourself and your circumstances just as they are, remembering what I am sovereign over everything."



Brent and Abigail said...

Just what I needed to hear today

Casey Martinez said...

I just love when you spill what's on your heart and I find that I am smiling the entire time I read your post. It's so refreshing to have another friend who isn't afraid to be real in the blog world. It helps the rest of us to feel more normal! I kind of think that though things like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest etc. are wonderful that they are also distracting us so much for contentment and God's peace. It's funny how modern technology is such a blessing but, also such a curse in so many ways. Just gimme Jesus!! I hear you friend. Love you dearly.

Joel said...

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