Monday, September 3, 2012


Of course I HAD to post about school starting, especially since my one and only Logan will be starting the school life tomorrow. I can't believe that it is that time already, and yes, as cliche as everyone has sounded, time has gone by WAY too fast. So what about it right???? Some people may be jumping and up and down excited to rid their homes of arguing, complaining, over active 5 year olds. Or some people may be crying themselves to sleep tonight wishing their baby, still needs their crust off their sandwich, please build a ship for me kid would be staying home and under their wing for another year.

I know, I am exaggerating, but seriously...what a momentous night and day tomorrow is! I have been thinking about what to say to Logan to help make tomorrow special. Something to remember, something for him to know that I love him GREATLY and will miss him...BUT am so excited for him and am rooting him on:-) I am so glad that as I was saying good night to him tonight in his own room that the right words came to me. I told him a story about being pregnant with a baby and being so excited for the baby to come...and how I knew that 5 years later he would have to go to kindergarten. Yadda, yaddaa much more was said and then he grabbed me around the neck and started to choke back tears! I couldn't believe it! I hoped I hadn't ruined his excitment and now made him scared for school!!! But then he said "Momma, I just miss you so much". I promised him that I would be waiting for him when he got off the bus and he couldn't believe it. What a little man...

I wouldn't say I am either of those moms that I described in the beginning, but somewhat in between with a sway to each side every now and then. My fears about Logan going to school are:

him being afraid. The teacher not loving or caring for him...being patient with his little quirks that make him Logan. Him not being able to button his pants or not being able to put on his backpack in time. Logan is a stickler for things being the right way...very ODC and I pray that he will be able to overcome the need scheduled things and find a love for flexibility. Shining all the way through it.

another fear is that I haven't taught him enough. Taught him what it means to be a child of God. Taught him what it means to not tease others, to love and accept others. To be patient and kind to ALL kids. What if he is swayed by the other students to disobey and not listen to the teacher??? I am not there to see him and correct him. In Jesus name...

I am excited however, to see the little boy he will become. I will pray daily that he will be a witness to others in the school. Even his teacher. It is a main reason why we have decided to not home school. We feel it could cripple a boys ability to be a leader and a disciple for Christ. Yes...even at this age they learn to lead and to be confident in their beliefs. I mean...Logan has asked about the Trinity and could explain it to you! How awesome is that! My work will never be done and I could have always done better...but that is why our children are gifts to us for a time being. That they are truly God's and will be used for His purpose. I will rest in that thought tonight:-)

Until tomorrow...when I will have to wake Logan at 630 to catch his 715 bus! YIKES! NIGHT!


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