Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dreaming of our Deck!

Mike and I have recently been dreaming of re-doing our deck. This is after we have had several branches fall on a section of it, breaking the railing. We had decided to tear down more than half of it and leave a section of it by our back door, while gardening and sodding the area that we are taking off. So...the part that we are keeping we are trying to decided what to do with it!

We could either stain it or paint it and even though we LOVE the stained look, because the wood isn't the best and is fairly worn, we will be painting it! But not just any old paint decor:-) We were thinking of painting it some brown/orange/red tones that will match the brick from the front yard and the brick that we are also bringing in the back yard when we garden the new area. We want to chose about two or three colors and paint the planks shown similar to the photo below. I have fallen in love with the painted look and all the great designs we can do! These are a few photos that I have enjoyed looking at:-)

We are also thinking of painting a "rug" of some sorts! Probably a deep red and yellow stripped or square design with perhaps some antique stenciling that I have! So excited!

Perhaps in our new corner without the deck and our large tree we can hook up a hammock! Doesn't that look cozy to you?!

This is something I would also like to do; set up a bird-house collage on our fence. I have seen many different beautiful birds and we can create as a family some beautiful birdhouses! Either bright colors like this or maybe some white-washed distressed bird-houses?

What does your dream deck look like?


Sarah said...

Very cool ideas. love the painted rug idea. So neat. We would love to redo ours also.

The Stachurskis said...

What a great set of ideas! I agree, the rug idea is so great! I would definitely love to do something like that! Our backyard definitely isn't big enough but our retirement property will be! Have fun!!!

Casey Martinez said...

ooooo I love design posts!! I'm really loving all of these and i could understand why you are getting excited. It is so fun to work on a project and to improve the feel of a home. I can't wait to see it when it's done!!